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Thoughts from Robert Brault – Round Up The Usual Subjects – Part One

Many of you have by now heard of Robert Brault. He’s had his written works published in various places such as the Reader’s Digest since 1961. In 2009, he started his blog A Robert Brault Reader, in which he simply published his little thoughts of wisdom, much of which has been quoted and tweeted millions of times since.

Robert and I had been in communication via email when he was losing his domain, so I was trying to help him out with being able to keep all his records from his blog. It all turned out okay (even without my help) and he told me that he’d soon be coming out with a book of thoughts. Well, about a month later, Robert emailed me to tell me that “Round Up the Usual Subjects” had been published and was available for purchase, so I snatched up an inscribed copy right away.



So far, I am in love with it. So I wanted to share my favorite quotes from the first section on Action. Take a moment to meditate on each one.

“Never act until you have clearly answered the question, ‘What happens if I do nothing?'”
– Robert Brault

“No matter what you hear said about yourself, do what you would do if you hadn’t heard it”
– Robert Brault

“Life is a series of tasks that absolutely must get done before they don’t matter any more.”
– Robert Brault

I’m simply going to leave you with that and allow you to ponder those thoughts, just as Robert does in his book.

I will most likely be inspired to share my favorite quotes again whenever I sit down and read parts of his book, so that’s why I named this post Part One.

Click here if you’d like to order the book yourself. I highly recommend it! I think it would also be a great gift.