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One Cool Trick to Increase Your Positivity and Motivation #PODCAST


Listening to motivational speakers on a daily basis increases your positivity, motivation, and your belief in yourself.

Listen now to see how spending just a bit of time each day listening to your favorite motivational speakers can improve your life tremendously:


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Thanks for listening. I always love to hear what you have to say. Here’s my thought question for you today:

Do you listen to motivational speakers on a regular basis? How has that helped improve your life?

Do you agree that listening to motivational speakers gets you going and energizes you to accomplish your biggest goals?

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know your thoughts!

Your comments don’t fall on blind eyes. I read each and every one! Thanks for contributing to the discussion :)

Podcast Transcript:

Hey everybody it’s Lisha Yost, founder of UpGusto Personal Development. And today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about positivity and remaining positive, and how much of a difference that can make in your life.

I have found that the more I listen to motivational speakers every day, I could just turn on some type of audio recording, listen to that while I do my work. Do that about a half an hour a day, or just all day long, I just find that I enjoy my day so much more, and I even enjoy mundane tasks that I wouldn’t normally like to do.

So I totally recommend just spending some time each day listening to a motivational speaker, or watching a motivational video, or reading some motivational materials, because the funny thing is humans need motivation in order to get anything done, and we need energy to get anything done. And motivation creates energy.

So if you listen to motivational speakers talking into your brain, their positivity, you’ll find that you’ll end up getting more done, you’ll enjoy your day that much more, and you even enjoy the things you don’t like to do.

You may have a goal in life that you want to accomplish and everything else gets in the way and you don’t end up spending any time on moving forward in life and accomplishing the goals you want to accomplish, and turning your dreams into reality. Well, motivational videos, and audio, and reading motivational articles, it gets you that much more likely to do something on a daily basis that will get you to where you want to be in life.

It’s actually scientifically proven that positive people tend to be more successful, and positive people get more done, and positive people make a bigger difference in the world. So, if you’re positive, you’re going to have a better life, the people around you are going to have a better life, and you’re going to make the world a better place. That’s 3 reasons why you should listen to motivational speakers on a daily basis, so that, on a daily basis, you are doing something to get ahead, to accomplish your goals, to become a better person, and to make the world a better place.

Start searching for motivational speakers that really speak to you, that really motivate you, to get you going, and to energize you so that you get stuff done, and you get stuff done that you actually want to do that will move you forward and ahead, and toward where you actually want to be in life.

I know for me, listening to motivational speakers really helps me on a daily basis, and it has made me a much more positive person. And it just amazes me how much more positive I am when I’m just hearing other positive people talking.
You can actually become more positive too. When you’re a negative person, you don’t think you want to be more positive, but when you become more positive, you realize how much better your life is, no matter what you’re circumstances are.

So I encourage you to listen to some motivational speakers every single day.

Get motivated, get energize, get stuff done, get ahead, move forward, make a difference, and I’ll see you next time.

Do you agree that listening to motivational speakers gets you going and energizes you to accomplish your biggest goals?

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Thoughts from Robert Brault – Round Up The Usual Subjects – Part One

Many of you have by now heard of Robert Brault. He’s had his written works published in various places such as the Reader’s Digest since 1961. In 2009, he started his blog A Robert Brault Reader, in which he simply published his little thoughts of wisdom, much of which has been quoted and tweeted millions of times since.

Robert and I had been in communication via email when he was losing his domain, so I was trying to help him out with being able to keep all his records from his blog. It all turned out okay (even without my help) and he told me that he’d soon be coming out with a book of thoughts. Well, about a month later, Robert emailed me to tell me that “Round Up the Usual Subjects” had been published and was available for purchase, so I snatched up an inscribed copy right away.



So far, I am in love with it. So I wanted to share my favorite quotes from the first section on Action. Take a moment to meditate on each one.

“Never act until you have clearly answered the question, ‘What happens if I do nothing?'”
– Robert Brault

“No matter what you hear said about yourself, do what you would do if you hadn’t heard it”
– Robert Brault

“Life is a series of tasks that absolutely must get done before they don’t matter any more.”
– Robert Brault

I’m simply going to leave you with that and allow you to ponder those thoughts, just as Robert does in his book.

I will most likely be inspired to share my favorite quotes again whenever I sit down and read parts of his book, so that’s why I named this post Part One.

Click here if you’d like to order the book yourself. I highly recommend it! I think it would also be a great gift.

What Are You Doing With Your Life? #PODCAST


Are you wasting your life away, afraid of success or afraid of failure? Get up and get going! Life doesn’t last forever! What’s your vision? What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to do this year? In this quick 5 minute podcast, I give you the motivation to turn your biggest dreams into reality. Start today!

Listen now by clicking the “play” button or read the transcript below.


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Thanks for listening. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Here’s my thought question for you today:

What’s your biggest goal for this year?

Yep, that’s a big one. Please leave a comment below letting me know your biggest goal this year and the steps you’re going to take to make it happen. Your comments don’t fall on blind eyes. I read every single one!

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Podcast Transcript:

What are you doing with your life?

How much time do you have here?

Are you wasting your life, and everything you could be doing?

If so, why?

Because you’re afraid?

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of success?

Are you afraid of failure?

Are you afraid it’s just not going to work out for you?

Why would you think it’s not going to work out for you?

Did you know that the only people who accomplish things in this life are those who believe they can.

Even you! For the things you have accomplished, the only reason you were able to do that was because you believed in yourself.

So why can’t you believe in yourself about your biggest goals and dreams?

There is actually so little different about you compared to anyone else who has accomplished great things!

The only thing that may be different about them is they had a mindset that allowed them to try the things they set their mind to. When they came up with an idea, they just did it. If there was an obstacle, they didn’t say, “Oh well, I guess I can’t do that. I guess I’ll just have to throw in the towel.”

No! They figured out a way to get over that obstacle. They were resourceful. They took the resources they had and turned it into something that they wanted it to become.

Everything is changeable. Your life, your circumstances. You can exchange money for things, time for money, time for accomplishments. You can take things in this world and turn them into a masterpiece. Something you desire to come true.

There was once a painter who lived in Philadelphia. His passion was to paint grand paintings. And he was very good. He had a natural talent. But he didn’t make much money. One day he couldn’t afford to buy his canvas and paints. He took a walk, pondering how he was going to be able to paint this idea he had in his head. He envisioned a woman, holding her newborn child, big heavy clouds hovering over them, then splitting just enough for rays of sunlight to shine down on them. The vividness he had in his mind, he just couldn’t contain it. He just had to get this out with his paintbrush.

Well, as he was walking down the alley, there was lots of noise disturbing his thoughts. Hammering, drills, all kinds of power tools. They were renovating one of the houses on the alley. He was looking up watching what they had done to the house and he remembered how bad that house looked before. He admired their work. The house was really coming along.

Well, he was about to walk away when just to the side he looked down and there was a giant piece of plywood leaning against a dumpster. The construction workers were throwing it away. He walked up to it to examine it. It was in good condition, a piece cut off one end, but besides that it was pretty much how you would get it if you hopped over to home depot to pick up some plywood for yourself.

For some reason he decided to look inside the dumpster. He didn’t know why. He just felt the urge to see what else was inside. To his surprise there was actually a can of paint. It was home paint that you’d use to paint your walls, but he didn’t care. He lifted the can of paint out of the dumpster and it felt like it was about half full still! The paint running down the side of the can was a medium shade of gray.

A light bulb went off in his head. He ran back home, grabbed a towel, some rope, and his keys, and drove his car back to the dumpster. The man put the towel down on top of his car, flung the plywood up there, tied some rope around it to secure it to his car, and placed that half full can of paint in his trunk.

He went home and, with the help of the little bit of white and black paint he still had left, he created a grayscale version of his vision, the woman, holding her baby, the clouds parting, the rays of sun shining down on them. He sold that painting on the plywood for $4,000. Who says you need canvas to paint a masterpiece?

After his experience of finding the plywood and paint, he realized that there was a need that could be branched between contractors and penniless painters. Contractors were just getting rid of these spare pieces of plywood, going straight to the dump, and half full cans of paint of various colors. And there were many artists out there who were struggling to earn enough to buy more supplies.

He started an organization where construction workers could donate their plywood, partly used paint cans, and paint brushes, and artists could come pick up whatever they needed. It became a successful non-profit which art admirers from everywhere donated lots of money to every year.

Eventually, people also began to donate canvases of every size, and acrylic and oil paints of every color, all the various shapes, sizes, and styles of brushes. All the artists, whose passion it was to paint, had their needs finally fulfilled. Because of this one man with one grand vision.

What’s your vision? It doesn’t have to be grand. What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to do this year? Find a way to do it. There is a way, you just have to find it. Don’t look at those obstacles and give up. Everyone has obstacles. The people who succeed are the ones who look at their obstacles and think of a way to overcome them.

Take action now.

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Out of Poverty and Into Success #PODCAST

How to get off welfare

People in poverty need to use their resourcefulness to become independent and free. Believe in yourself, make something of yourself, build something–even if it’s out of nothing. Anyone can do it! Yes, even you! Of Course You!

Listen to my quick 5 minute podcast which will inspire you to get off your butt and into action that will lead you straight to success! Whether you really are struggling financially, or just need a little motivation boost, that’s what I’m here for!

But before you listen, just know that I say all of this coming from a family of poverty and welfare, so I know how difficult it is. But just because something is difficult does not mean that it is impossible. Get to work and make it happen, starting today! If I can break the chain of poverty that has stricken my family, you can too!

Click here to download the podcast mp3.

Thanks for listening. I’d love to hear what you have to say. What are your thoughts on what holds people back from living to their full potential? Please leave a comment below and make sure you click one of those share buttons!

Podcast Transcript:

“I’m driving in my car and I decided to make a podcast about how people like to complain about their life situation, and they want others to take responsibility for them. Poor people want to be taken care of by the government… They want rich people, if they have an extra car, “Why does that rich person have two expensive cars? They should sell one of their cars and [or] give one to me!”

Well what I think is that poor people need to get themselves out of the situation they’re in, and work on a way that they can create the income that they need themselves, and gain independence and freedom from that. You don’t just gain independence and freedom. You gain a sense of accomplishment and pride, and all that kind of stuff as well.

People shouldn’t be expecting anything from anyone else. People need to figure out how to get what they need on their own. Using their own resourcefulness, using their own abilities and talents and skills. Using their brain to gain more knowledge in order to do what it takes to create an income that you can survive off of on your own, instead of needing help from others all the time.

And I say all this coming from a family out of poverty and welfare. People have the abilities to move up, gain more talents, gain more skills, gain more education, and do the things it takes to move up in a career, or move up and out of employment and into their own business.

People can put their own skills and knowledge to use, and create a business out of thin air. And I speak from personal experience. Because I created UpGusto out of thin air, just like I created all my businesses out of thin air. So don’t think that you can’t do it, because you can. If I can do it, you can do it!

So rather than sitting around complaining about your life, and wondering why you’re so unlucky and why you’re not lucky… it’s not about luck. It’s about the actions you’re taking. People need to learn how to take the right actions to get to where you want to go. If you don’t do the right actions, you’re not going to get to the right place. If you do the right things, you’re going to get to the right place.

So it’s all about what you’re going to do, and the way you change what you do is by changing your mindset. You’re not going to do something differently until you start thinking differently. Until you start understanding the truth, and the truth of the matter is that everything that you do on a daily basis is what gets you to where you are.

So if you want to live a better life, it’s time to just simply start making it happen. Stop letting life happen to you. Stop playing the victim. And start being proactive about changing your life and making it better.

You have talents and skills that you can put to use to get what you need out of life and to live a more fulfilling life and to stop living a dependent life, a needy life, start living an independent, autonomous, free life, where you don’t feel tied down to what you’re dependent on.

So start figuring out what it is that you can do differently. Stop doing the same things and expecting different results. Start doing different things that will get you different results. And slowly but surely your life will turn around, and you’ll get what you need out of life if you actually put forth the effort, and stop complaining, and stop whining about how you’re unlucky, and start making your own luck, because that’s what it is.

People who are lucky, make their own luck. Tweet This!

So get out there, get working, and do what it takes, and you’ll succeed. You just have to be patient and consistent, and keep trying, and you’ll succeed.”

That photo above is my cat Tommy. This is his first debut on UpGusto. He has lots of great principles and wants to help people like you succeed, so you’ll most likely be seeing a lot of him around here.

Just like Tommy, I want any of you who haven’t yet reached your full potential to reach higher heights than ever before.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Here’s my thought question for you today:

What are your thoughts on what holds people back from living to their full potential?

Please leave a comment below to let me know why you think people don’t reach their full potential. Your comments don’t fall on blind eyes. I read every single one!

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Sitting Vs. Standing – Which One Helps You Get More Done? #VIDEO

Okay, by now we all know that sitting all day every day can be bad for your health. But why? And what can you do about it?

It’s true that correlation doesn’t equal causation, but there is a link between people who sit too much and shorter life span.

I also think there might be a link between sitting and slouching at your desk and lower productivity levels… Therefore, there might be a link between standing and higher productivity levels. And I think there is.

I made my own awesome standing desk a few months ago. It was super easy and simple to make. I get so much more done when standing at my standing desk, rather than sitting, so I made quick a video about it. Check it out:

Watch this video (at 0:15) to see my homemade standing desk that only cost me $3.10 to make :)

If you’d prefer to listen to this as a podcast, you can click play below:


Click here to download the podcast mp3.

I got my supplies at home depot: a 2’x2′ (~$2) piece of already cut particle board, and one 8′ 2″ by 2″ (~$1), plus a few screws which I already had.

Standing helps lower the risk of heart disease!

Standing increases blood flow, energy and productivity!

Standing increases leg strength and endurance!

Want to create your own standing desk? You can either buy something, or just stack up some boxes (like game board boxes) to the right height on your kitchen counter.

Thanks for listening. I always love to hear what you have to say! Here’s my thought question for you today:

Have you ever used, or do you have a standing desk? How is it for you?

Are you going to make your very own standing desk now? Or do you think it’s silly? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on standing vs. sitting.

Your comments don’t fall on blind eyes. I read every single one!

Also, let me know if you have any questions on how to make a quick standing desk for yourself.

Thanks a bunch for reading, watching,and listening. I’ll see you next time!

Taking Personal Responsibility Empowers You to Accomplish Your Goals


Today I want to talk to you about personal responsibility.

There was a man named Peter. He grew up in a poor family, so he knew he had to work hard and be smart in order to get out of the struggle and not repeat his parents’ fate. He got good grades in school and even studied other trades and business.

Eventually he came to run a successful catering business. He tried to put a lot of his profits back into the business in marketing and advertising, and expanding his business, hiring more employees, giving his employees top-notch benefits and bonuses each year.

But with all the hard work he put into his business, he still earned a large sum every year, so obviously his taxes were high. A portion of Peter’s income that he slaved away to create, was given to the government to use as they see fit. Some of which went to people on welfare.

Welfare in the US was created during the Great Depression in 1935 when 20% of the US population was still unemployed.

And so began the dependence on government aid. And that’s exactly what it’s become.

I say all of this coming from a family of poverty on welfare. So before you start swinging your hammer at me, know that I understand.

George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright and co-founder of the London School of Economics said that “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”

Ever hear that quote?

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t give their fair share. If you have more, then you have more to give.

What I am saying is that government aid not only helps struggling families in their times of need, it also enables a struggling family to continue to be in a lifelong time of need. They know deep down that they will always have the government to lean on if they can’t get ahead, so then they don’t get ahead. Not because they really don’t want to, but because getting ahead really does take a lot of hard work and time. It takes a lot of patience and sacrifice. It’s not easy, so most people think they can’t do it, and not only that, most people know they don’t have to.

So since it’s really hard to do, people think they can’t or won’t be able to, and because they really don’t have to because there is always the government to rely on, they just won’t do it.

Living in poverty has become the status quo for them. They are used to it. It actually becomes comfortable. It seems ironic that living through a constant financial struggle can become comfortable, but it does. Just like the woman who stays in the abusive relationship. It’s familiar.

It’s harmful, but it’s familiar.

What harmful things do you keep doing simply because it’s familiar?

People like to complain about their lives, but then don’t take responsibility. Everyone really has the same hope at succeeding in life, whether that be financially, relationally, physically, or spiritually. But successful people make different choices and take different actions, even in the little things.

What do you want to become successful in? What does success mean to you? Are you going to do what it takes to get there? Are you going to buckle down and get the hard work done? Are you willing to make sacrifices in order to live a better more fulfilling life?

Then stop living the status quo. Start believing in yourself, and start completing the steps it takes to get where you want to be in life.

Do you want to lose 20 pounds? Do you want to have a thriving marriage full of passion? Do you want to be a millionaire? Do you want to start a non-profit organization to help those less fortunate?

What do you want to do with your life?

If you keep blaming your circumstances, your past, your finances, and other people in your life on your current situation, you will never get what you really want out of life.

Once you accept responsibility, that empowers you to take action and begin to make awesome changes in your life. Click to Tweet This!

We are not in control of everything, but everything you have control over, it’s time to take control of it.

Start taking personal responsibility for where you are in life right now, and make the changes necessary to get what you want out of life. What habits can you change right now, even just a little bit, to get closer to your goals?

Do it, starting today.

Now I want to hear from you. In a comment below, please answer this question: What is one habit that you are going to try to change, stop, or create, in order to move forward toward a goal you have?

I’m excited to see your response and what you’re planning on working on. I’d like to help you get there and keep you accountable to your own desires. So write your comment below!

How Our Beliefs Control Our Long Term Life Circumstances


As a child, we’re all taught different things. Some of the things we’re taught, are taught to us purposefully. Our parents telling us things they want us to know, or want us to know how to do.

Other things we’re taught by watching others, or hearing what others say, to us, or to others.

We all form a bunch of beliefs. Some of them are true, and some of them are untrue. But whether they are true or not, we believe them to be true.

We internalize a ton of things as children growing up. And then we also internalize even more things as adults. But our early formative years really shaped us.

As adults we live our lives a certain way. In our minds, we’re all doing the best we can. It’s all we know.

Until we learn more.

Until we learn the truth.

The truth that we are not what people say we are.

We don’t have to be what people told us we’d become.

We can be whatever we want to be.

We don’t have to hold on to any false beliefs any longer.

Somehow you have gotten to where you are in life. You’ve had successes and failures. And failures happen to everyone (even those who don’t have any false beliefs about themselves). But do you want to go farther? Is there something else you want to do with your life. Do you want to reach higher?

What’s been holding you back?

True and false beliefs about yourself have caused you to go in whatever direction you’ve decided to take. Most of your decisions probably didn’t even feel like decisions. You might even feel like life has just happened to you.

But it’s not true.

I’m not saying that some things don’t just happen to us. Things do happen to us. But for the most part, how you have gotten to where you are is a result of what you believe and the choices you’ve made because of those beliefs. That’s how our beliefs control our long term life circumstances.

But you have the power to change that at any time.

Whether you are struggling a lot in life and need a drastic change, or just want to improve in some areas, you can do it. You have it inside of you. You just have to believe it.

You may not feel you have the resources available to you to be able to be whatever you want to be. And if that’s the case, then it’s time to find or build up those resources. Create it. It’s time to become resourceful.

Resourcefulness is not the ability to take useful things and use them as they’re supposed to. Resourcefulness is the ability to take whatever it is you have and create something useful out of it, whether it was intended for that or not.

I’ve created things out of what has seemed like thin air, simply because I believed in myself. I’m not perfect, but when I believe in myself, I do what it takes. And when I’m down on myself, that’s when I fail to even take action.

So rather than get down on yourself, telling yourself those lies that you’ve told yourself all your life, that others have told you all your life, get inspired. Realize that if you just do A, B, and C, that this, this, and this can happen for you. And it’s not easy, but it is definitely possible. And if it’s possible, you can do it. And it’s up to you. You have to take action. Action on your part is the only thing that will make it happen for you. No one will do it for you.

Do you need support? You can get the help of those in your life to help get you where you need to go. Don’t have anyone supportive in your life, then get out there and find supportive people and build those relationships.

Do you need more money? You get a job that earns you more money, or you learn how to live on less (something that’s definitely possible for most of us!).

Do you need more time? You wake up earlier, stay up later, or change your priorities so you’re spending less time on less important things, and can then spend more time on more important things.

Whatever it is, you have the ability to make it happen. Whatever you want to do in life, you can do. We all have obstacles, and some of us have more obstacles than others, but you have the ability to move past the things that are in your way.

Don’t stand in your own way.

Untrue beliefs about yourself, telling you you’re not good enough, that you’ll never be able to do this or that. That is what’s holding you back more than anything.

Write down your goal.

Then write down why you think you can’t make it happen.

Then write down ways you can jump those hurdles.

You have the ability. You just have to believe in yourself, and then do the steps it takes.

You can do anything.

What do you want to do?

Leave a comment. I want to hear what you want to do with your life. What do you want to be? Who do you want to be? I’m excited to hear about your goals.

If you want, you can email me at I’d be happy to give you any encouragement you need.

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