The Force That Holds Us Back – And How to Overcome It


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between someone who has what many would call a successful life versus someone who seems to be constantly struggling? I’ve wondered this many times myself. What factors really determine how far a person goes in life? After all don’t we all deserve to have a life filled with abundance? After doing a lot of reading, meeting different people from all walks of life, listening to audios, and experiencing this firsthand myself I have come to a realization what that factor is for many. Fear.

Fear is simply an illusion trying to hold us back from becoming what we really are meant to be. It is that belittling feeling where you question your capability. You start to wonder can I really do this? This doesn’t seem like the path for me. Someone must have made a mistake. Well, I am here to tell you that is all wrong. I truly believe that we are given in life not what we may ask for but what is meant for us.

Have you ever noticed how some opportunities that come to us are the rarest times but turn out to be a blessing or a life changing experience? Unfortunately sometimes Fear gets the best of us. And why does it, you may ask? What are we actually afraid of…?

Many things really, it is human nature to look at the negative things before you even notice the good. We are afraid to fail, to let others down, to embarrass ourselves, to try and be disappointed by not getting what we originally desired and dreamed for. But what if we could simply decide not to let Fear have control over us. We can! And yes it is that simple as just Deciding. Deciding that the desire to achieve something is far more greater than your fear wanting to control you.

You must condition yourself to break away from the limiting belief which is fear. That is really what Fear is; a belief. A belief that something atrocious will happen if you go on to take particular actions towards something. You must ask yourself what is it that I am afraid of? Why am I so afraid of this? What is the worst thing that will come from this?

Don’t let Fear, a mere illusion hold you back from fulfilling your ultimate destiny. Visualize what will be on the other side when you overcome that fear. The rewards will be immeasurable!

So next time you are to do a speech in front of hundreds, take on a new position at work, or are faced with a challenge of any kind, and that sensation of fear overcomes you, you know what you need to do. Take charge! Take control! And the world will open up to YOU.

About the Author

martha_villegasMartha Villegas fell in love with the world of personal development a few years back. As a current college student she knows the world is filled with immeasurable possibilities. Originally looking to gain a career in the fashion industry she now knows what her true calling is. She has developed a passion to share the knowledge she has learned with others. She believes that each person has so much potential inside and wants to help others discover theirs. Martha’s goal is to become a personal coach to empower individuals and the younger generation to live a life of abundance. Follow Martha on Twitter.

2 Responses to 'The Force That Holds Us Back – And How to Overcome It'

  1. Tania Obregon says:

    What a powerful message. I completely agree and I hope this is read by many because it is an absolute fact that FEAR is simply “False Evidence Appearing Real”

  2. THE DR says:

    Amazing Article! I feel like overcoming some fears right now!