Recharge Your Life – Spend 3 Days Differently

Recharge your life

One of the reasons for discontentment and a feeling that life just isn’t “good enough” is the lack of variety in our lives. Every day we wake up and do the same things. Changing it up can really give you that oomph, that spark that you’re missing.

Most of us take a day off every week, or you have your usual saturday and sunday weekends. However, my challenge to you, is that no matter what your usual routine, try to do something different for 3 straight days in a row.

Most people say to stick to your routines because then you’ll be able to stick to your habits. But doing the same thing for a long period of time also causes you to feel in a rut, which decreases your motivation to keep on going.

I’m all for creating good habits that you can stick to, and I highly recommend spending many many days on creating those habits. But once you’ve really gotten settled in your habits, and you start to itch for something different, you feel something is missing, then it’s time to change it up.

So basically what I’m instructing you to do is take a 3-day weekend, because your 3 days of difference can’t be spent at work!

Spend these 3 days doing whatever you want.

You might be saying, “well, I can’t because I have children,” or other responsibilities… but the fact is, that most of us have people in our lives who can shoulder our responsibilities for a few days. And if you don’t then that’s for a whole other blog post (you should be building some form of support system in your life–we can’t go it alone).

The thing that brought this idea up to me was the flu. Yep, I had some of my happiest days while suffering with the flu. I was amazed and ecstatic that I found an answer to monotony. And no, I don’t mean purposely getting sick, I mean living your life for a just few days, differently than you ever normally would.

I slept in til noon. I got up and worked for a few hours when I felt like it. When I got too tired, I finished up whatever I was working on and watched tv. I got caught up on all my email newsletters and videos which I had been putting on the back-burner because it’s not a priority. I ate when I felt like it, not based on what time it was, and I ate whatever I wanted (which really wasn’t extreme because you typically don’t feel like eating a lot when you’re sick). I stopped worrying about my husband and the little details of daily life because quite frankly he really can take care of himself. If that were not so, how did he make it all the way up to the time he met me?

I typically do responsibilities first, then after everything that needs to be done is done, I then can spend some time on my hobbies and rest. But when I was sick this past week, I only worked if I felt like it, and I actually got more caught up on things. I believe the reason for this was because I wasn’t stressed. I wasn’t putting any expectations on myself. So I felt a lot better about everything I did. I actually chose to do everything I did, rather than feeling required to do it all.

This past week with the flu, a few things fell to the wayside and had to wait, but I was sick afterall, so I had my excuse if anyone had any problems with me about it. Eventually I was able to get to it, so it all worked out.

We don’t always get to use the excuse that we’re sick, however, at times, we all become mentally ill, even for just s short period of time. And I’m not talking about being clinically ill where you need to be institutionalized or put on prescriptions–and there’s nothing wrong with having times like that in your life either, it happens to many people. But what I’m talking about is being functional in life, but going through the motions, passionless. Not going through life with zest–with Gusto!

The point is to feel absolute freedom, for just a few days. Freedom from your daily responsibilities (like work, house-work, cooking, or child-rearing). Freedom from thinking about or considering others in your little daily decisions (like what, where, or when to eat). Freedom from others’ expectations (like what you should be doing right now or with your day). And not only that, but also freedom from your own expectations that you place on yourself. For me that’s actually the hardest part. I didn’t feel happy until I removed all my own expectations that I have of myself and just let myself be sick and happy.

I had this revelation and I went through with it all while I was sick, but I’m planning on doing this a few times a year even when I’m not sick.

We always feel that so many things are important, but only a few things actually are. I read a post on Myrko Thum’s blog where he explains that many times we put urgent things (things we think are important right now) above important things (things which are actually intrinsically important to us for life), which slows us down from accomplishing our goals and feeling fulfilled on a daily basis. If we were to try to lessen the urgent matters in our life and concentrate only on what’s important to us, then we would be able to accomplish our goals and feel happier overall.

One way to practice this is to spend 3 days in a row of doing only what you feel is important. Not what you feel is urgent.

For me it was little things. The time I woke up. What, where, and when I ate. Whether or not I cooked dinner for my husband and I. Letting my husband take on a few more responsibilities for a couple days (by asking him if he would do this or that, so that I didn’t have to). Resting when I felt tired, doing an activity when I felt the urge.

We probably can’t live our lives this way all the time, doing whatever we want when we want (unless you enjoy the responsibilities you already have, which I’m going to talk about in a later post). However, by practicing this from time to time, we will realize what’s truly important and stop letting so-called “urgent” matters take over our lives and our happiness. Some things really are urgent. But many things we label as urgent really could go without care.

So right now, look through your calendar and decide a 3-day weekend in the near future where you can take off work, and/or have someone babysit your kids, etc. Then spend those 3 days just doing whatever you want, whatever you’re inspired to do, taking a mental vacation. If you have kids, your kids don’t have to leave the house, bring someone in to babysit. You get the idea. Just make sure everyone in your household understands what these 3 days mean for you. It’s a time for you to recharge, so you can be even more productive and present to your family and work-life afterward.

It might mean that you accomplish more toward your goals in those 3 days, or you accomplish less than you normally would on a daily basis. Whatever it is, make those 3 days different than how you normally live your life.

If you always spend all your days at home, go out and do things outside of the home. If you are always leaving your house, try not using your car at all for the entire 3 days. But by all means, do what you really feel you want to do so that you’re getting the full experience of freedom.

Take those 3 days to recharge and get some variety in your life, so you’re motivated to get back into the swing of things once those 3 days are done. You’ll love your life even more once it’s over, and you’ll even be happy to get back to your regular responsibilities.

And be sure to thank anyone who helps you through this challenge.

Try it and let me know how it goes for you!

Got any other ideas that help you recharge? Let us know in a comment.

4 Responses to 'Recharge Your Life – Spend 3 Days Differently'

  1. Thanks for the post! Breaking the monotony is a great way to recharge mentally and physically. I am sorry you were ill, but glad that it was so beneficially in learning this lesson.

  2. Hi Lisha! First time commenter! Love the post and absolutely love the idea of a 3 day do anything you want. Much like a long weekend? Personally I do yoga to recharge but even that I have to consciously tell myself to go and practice yoga. Otherwise I’ll be too caught up with whatever I’m required to do.

    You’re right in having these sort of days that you just do whatever you want. Sorry to hear you were ill to realise this. At least from now on it won’t be too bad. :)

    • Lisha says:

      Hey Aquilah! Yeah, it’s really just a way to change up the routine and get out of a rut. And then the next trick is to enjoy your obligations as well, so every day you are actually doing everything you want to do. By changing your mindset, you really can enjoy every minute of every day. I do a bit of self hypnosis to change my thought patterns from negative to positive. It makes a huge difference :)