3 Ways to Get Rid of the Clutter and Simplify Your Life in 2014


Changes are hard to make over night. And it’s even harder to accomplish goals when life is just too complicated. It’s important to be more realistic with your expectations when working toward accomplishing a goal.

Usually there are unknown steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish a goal and there are obstacles we need to overcome first, before that can happen. We need to simplify our lives to get organized and get the physical and abstract obstacles out of your way.

Get Rid of the Clutter

There are a few types of clutter in life. Clutter that is created from having too much stuff, too many relationships, too much to do, and too much going on in our minds. Many times, by getting rid of the unimportant clutter from our stuff, time, and relationships, it clears up the clutter in our minds.


Many times, the condition of our home tells us a lot about a person. If your home is in disarray, your mind usually is as well. This is not something to take offense to; it’s simply a common issue that can be solved with a little organizational strategies, taking baby steps to de-clutter.

If this is something you struggle with, spend just 15-30 minutes going through a drawer, a closet, a cabinet, the things piled atop the surfaces in a room, etc. and really get rid of things.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you need it? Do you use it? If so, when was the last time? Why do you have it? Why is it in this location? Should you store it somewhere else? Should you give it to someone else or to the goodwill? Or maybe you should just throw it away? What does this object really mean to you?

I used to collect/keep all the fortunes I’d get in fortune cookies from Chinese restaurants. Last year, I finally had a revelation that this was something I was keeping in my life that I absolutely didn’t need. I justified it all this time because fortunes are so small, so they take up very little room. But it was another thing I was dragging through life with me, and I never even looked through them again in reminiscence. Even if I did want to read all my fortunes again one day, it definitely wasn’t something that was necessary. It wasn’t even important or true information.

When I threw my first fortune in the trash, that tiny little paper was like 100 pounds lifted off my shoulders. I somehow felt more free. How can an ounceless piece of paper burden and weigh someone down so much, I do not know. But getting rid of things is a very freeing experience.


We all have too much to do. So one thing that’s really helpful in life is to only do what is absolutely necessary. We fill our lives with a lot of unnecessary tasks that don’t help us reach our goals, nor contribute to our health.

Each day, set a schedule and put only what is absolutely necessary on it. You may even make your schedule, and then need to cross something off that you realize you could live without doing. Include your most important goal(s) in your schedule instead.

Give yourself the time to relax and be a human instead of a machine, and give yourself some time to do one thing that will move you closer to your goal each day. Even spending minutes is better than 0. It all adds up!

I personally spend a half hour on my biggest goal every evening before settling in to watch some TV and going to sleep. The last 3 hours of my day are always my favorite because I’m doing things I actually want to do with my time, rather than things I feel I have to do. I get to spend 30 minutes on my biggest personal passion at the moment, then I get to relax and spend time with my husband.


You may think that all your relationships are important. But most of us have parasitic relationships with one or some of the people in our lives, and it’s important to focus only on the relationships that are mutual (where both parties benefit).

You may very well know that you need to break away from the toxic leeches in your life who suck you dry. The first step is to simply accept that truth and figure out a way to move on from these relationships so you can get your life, time, and energy back.

Many times, in order to do this, you basically need to set up an ultimatum (either with them or yourself) and then stick to it. If you want to keep this person in your life, but don’t want to be sucked dry, then you need to be disciplined and strong enough to say “No” to these people when they ask for too much, and be wise enough to know when you really just can’t give any more of yourself to someone.

It’s extremely important to take care of ourselves so that we can be better fit to care for others and contribute to society. Many people feel selfish when they spend time on themselves, or work to make their lives better, but if everyone was working to make their lives better, our entire world would actually be a better place.

It’s not about being so self-consumed that you forget about everyone else and only think of yourself. It’s about creating balance in your life so you can give your best self when you are giving of yourself.

What do you struggle with when it comes to the clutters of life? Do you have any tips for simplifying your life in order to overcome the obstacles and live a more stress-free life?

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